Group of companies "TIBET-NEWWAYTRAVEL"

Tibetan travel company based in Lhasa operating tours to Tibet Autonomous Region -"Lhasa Enjoyable Travel Service" (license for tourist activity No: 5401001001314, a certificate of compliance L-XZ00070) and

Sichuan travel company based in Chengdu operating tours to East Tibet and Sichuan province "Sichuan Newway International Travel Service" (license for tourist activity No: 510107000827767, a certificate of compliance L-SC-A00387).

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Our specialization is reception in Tibet pilgrims and tourists from around the world.

Wang Mang

Chief Executive Officer Wang Mang

Executive Officer

Executive Officer Nadya Wang, Tibet manager Zhusha, Sichuan manager Xiaoming

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tibet-newwaytravel, Lhasa Enjoyable Travel Service

Office: China, Tibet, Lhasa city, Norbulinka road 1

TIBET-NEWWAYTRAVEL welcomes you to Tibet!

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